Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Antivir Pro

The Antivir Solution Pro virus is, in its great part, a “standard” rogue (fake) anti-spyware (just like the Security Master AV virus we talked about in one of our previous removal guides) that has only one goal: making you believe that your computer is infected so that you pay for the full program. As Antivir Solution Pro virus is a scam, the only thing you should do is remove the Antivir Solution Pro virus using the removal guide below.

But before we reach the main part of this article, you should be aware that Antivir Solution Pro got on your computer when you visited an infected website and came across some malware or some exploit kits that installed Antivir Solution Pro on your computer. Obviously enough, if you don’t make sure that you computer is protected when surfing the web, there is a big chance that Antivir Solution Pro or a similar rogue will install itself on your computer again in the future.

How to uninstall / remove Antivir Solution Pro (Virus Removal  Guide)

How to uninstall / remove Antivir Solution Pro (Virus Removal Guide)

What does the Antivir Solution Pro virus do ?

Basically, Antivir Solution Pro is a fake anti-spyware program that will always state that your computer is infected so that you buy the software (don’t buy Antivir Solution Pro as it is a scam). In addition, it will block some applications from running and mess up your Internet Explorer settings so that you might not be able to get your computer online.

How to protect your computer against Antivir Solution Pro and other similar viruses / rogues:

Well, first of all, it would be great if you had an updated antivirus suite installed on your computer(suck as Kaspersky Internet Security, Nod 32, or the free Avast Antivirus or MSE).

It is also very important that your Windows operating system has all the security patches installed and that Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and similar software are also up to the current, updated version. For a more detailed list of the software installed on your computer that needs an update, you can run theSecunia Online Software Inspector.

Try using a more secure web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

How to remove the Antivir Solution Pro virus

Ok, so I had to edit the steps a little, because Antivir Solution Pro seems to be very active and we’ll have to close the process before anything else can be done. You will need to download iExplore.exeon another computer (iExplore is a great tool developed by Lawrence Abrams from It will stop the Antivir Solution Pro process, so that we’ll be able to remove it.) and then transfer it on the desktop of the infected computer (use an USB stick or a CD/DVD).

1. Ok, now that we are set to go, we should stop the Antivir Solution Pro process so that we can remove it. To do this, run iExplore until Antivir Solution Pro is gone. Try to run it multiple times simultaneously if you feel like you’re getting nowhere. But don’t worry, iExplore will get the job done eventually.

2. If you only have Internet Explorer installed, you will have to undo the changes this virus did in yourInternet Explorer settings so that you can surf the Internet once again. To do this:

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools->Internet Options.
  • Now click the “Connections” tab, then the LAN Settings button in the bottom half of the window.
  • Now uncheck the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” option.

3. Now that you are able to connect to the Internet, you should download a few files and apps that will help us down the road. Just download the files linked to below on your desktop

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware – We will use MBAM for actually removing this virus from your computer.

SuperAntiSpyware – This will be our secondary option if MBAM does not do the job

4. Many people don’t give this as much importance, but I feel like it’s a needed step. Just to make sure, you should delete all temporary files from your computer (click for a tutorial on that).

5. Now that Antivir Solution Pro is no longer running, we should be able to remove it using MBAM. Just follow these steps:

  • Run the MBAM setup from your desktop.
  • Proceed with the standard install settings
  • Make sure the software update itself once it has been installed
  • When MABM is up and running, go to the Scanner tab and perform a full scan
  • Wait for MBAM to scan your computer for Antivir Solution Pro, as well as for any other malware your computer might be infected with
  • When the scan is complete, remove all detected infections

6. Although you should have removed the Antivir Solution Pro virus from your computer, if this routine doesn’t do the trick, I guess you could try the same steps, only that instead of using MBAM, you use SuperAntiSpyware this time.


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