Thursday, June 17, 2010

Web Application Development and SEO

Developing useful web applications that keeps your customers coming back and spreads like wildfire around the Web requires far over expert programmers. It requires highly expert developers with a deep understanding of technologies and know how to best apply these technologies in beneficial ways that serve your business needs.

The degree of success for a web application depends on several factors including the business logic that makes up the application, the speed at which content is delivered and information is stored on the server, the layout and design of the user interface, how well the world wide web application integrates in to other applications and at last, how well the world wide web-site is present in Google and other search engines.

Prior to and in the work of development, Mobilgistix provides ongoing consulting to advise you on how to maximize your application's usefulness, catch potential flaws and recommend ideas that will make your web application much more valuable to your customers. SEO is a complex and tedious task that on average takes months before nice results are achieved. Mobilgistix is fully aware of the importance of building a web application to be search engine friendly from the outset and not as an afterthought.

Windows Mobile and Pocket PC Program Development

Mobile applications are playing an increasingly important role in integrated web solutions. PDAs are versatile in gathering and analyzing information off-line and replicating the information back to a server when they come in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi connection. Pocket PCs jogging Windows Mobile and utilizing the Microsoft Compact Framework can providing powerful solutions either as standalone applications or integrated in to web applications by XML web services.
Windows Mobile applications can provide your customers functionality to record audio and video and replicate this to a web server, perform voice recognition commands, communicate and share information with other remote users either by Web or GPRS, decide the user's geographical location by means of GPS and perform hand signature analysis when users are necessary to provide authorization credentials. Coupled with a web service payment method, a Windows Mobile application has the capability of providing remote users the ability to shop and pay using highly secure encryption expertise.

Mobilgistix has done extensive development with the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile. All mobile applications are designed upfront with memory footprint and speed in mind in order to permit your customers to buy the lowest cost PDAs available. They create mobile applications to include features like built-in debugging to record and forward bug information to the development middle, automatic and manual program updates and program protection to prevent illegal use of your application.

Web Promotion

While SEO plays a significant role in obtaining more hits to your web-site, your rating in Google and other search engines is not the only means by which customers will find out about your product or services. In fact, some companies that have high rankings make only a few sales from customers visiting their web-site. The reasons for this vary but include factors like the type of business you are in, how sales are usually made in your line of business, how significant your website's content is, how well the content is layed out and what picture comes across the customer when they see your site for the first time.

Web promotion is a complex undertaking that requires understanding how to retrieve web analytics, profiling customers, comparisons between your web-site and that of your competitors and most important of all, whether you are providing the correct type of content and sufficient amounts of it.

Before investing giant amounts of money on word ads, banner ads and trying to get listed on sites that you think will lead to more clicks to your own web-site, you first need to have a grasp on the analytics that surround your web-site. Mobilgistix employs several types of mechanisms that let you collect analytics and help you decide where you need to make improvements. These mechanisms include tracking features added to a web-site, analysis of your competitor's web-site and information mining the Web to decide what sites your customers are visting.

Offshore Program Development

Developing and supporting professional web and mobile applications can be an pricey undertaking depending on the scope of the application. Plenty of businesses are often lured in to believing that having the development done offshore in places like India, China, Russia or the Philippines will save them half the money than having it done locally. If only this were true. While it is true that India is the program development hub in the Far East with highly competent businesses and developers, what most people are unaware of is that when a company in India says that they will assign a "senior" developer to your application, this often ends up being a developer with 2 to 3 years of experience. Most developers in places like India are paid low wages and given the chance, move up to a higher position such as a project manager or even leave the country for Western Europe or North The united states in pursuit of a better life. The result of this is that India has limitless "junior" program developers with a great lack of actual "senior" developers who made program development their career because they love it. Are these the kinds of people you require to entrust your application to?

Robust, high performing and scalable applications are built by developers and program engineers whose lives are deeply rooted in the world of programming, technologies and the true art of generating applications and solutions that lead the pack. These are the elite who are not in it for the money but because it is part of their blood. They look beyond the application at hand and are constantly envisioning where to take the application next.

Mobilgistix offers an in-between solution for customers looking to economize yet wanting a professionally developed application that is well planned for future growth. Our business model is to make use of highly expert developers and engineers to lay the design, foundation and framework for your application. These developers are the true elite with plenty of years of experience in developing applications and solutions.

Located in the Silicon Wadi of Israel, Mobilgistix has access to a giant pool of a number of the most gifted program engineers on the planet. International corporations have their R&D research centers located in the Silicon Wadi, such as Microsoft, Sun, Google, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Philips, Cisco Systems, Oracle Corporation, SAP, BMC Program, Motorola and Computer Associates.

While our program engineers are also highly expert at programming, the actual task of implementing the actual code is done offshore in India where cost savings can be achieved. Our program engineers will lay the foundation before any code is ever written and manage offshore "junior" developers as they over out the tedious task of coding. Those portions of your application that they feel ought to not be entrusted to "junior" developers are done by the program engineers themselves.
The benefit of this development model is that your application is entrusted to highly expert program engineers while the lower level coding aspect is done by offshore developers at a lower cost under the supervision of our program engineers in Israel.

Reduced Costs & Profit Sharing

In order to help reduce your development costs, Mobilgistix offers a pricing package option geared to speed up development. It works like this...

Most program applications fundamentally consist of two types of code modules - generic code modules and proprietary code modules that make your application distinctive. Generic code modules are those portions of an application that are normally nothing special and can often be present in all kinds of applications, such as validating a user's login credentials, replicating information to a server, transmitting e-mails, and so on. Generic code modules are used to support general purpose infrastructure in your application. The proprietary code modules are those portions that make your application distinctive and usually it is this business logic and UI that makes up what your application is about.

If Mobilgistix already has developed generic code modules that are necessary in your application, they will reduce the general development cost by reusing these modules without charging you for it. If they do not have the generic code modules and provided you are willing to let us reuse these modules for any other projects for other customers, they will calculate the cost to create these modules and provide a reduced cost specifically for these modules. Mobilgistix becomes the owner of these generic modules but you will have access to the source code and can use it royalty free. However, you won't be allowed to distribute the source code. All proprietary code modules are yours and are seldom shared with somebody.

Offshore program development companies in places like India very always rewrite all code from scratch for every customer they deal with. This of work is very time consuming and the cost of doing this is past onto you. At Mobilgistix, they think in reusing generic code and passing the savings on to our customers.

Finally, for clients who are on a tight budget, they offer profit sharing. If after a thorough examination they feel that your application fits within our line of business and has a feasible to generate revenue, they may offer to do a percentage of the development at our cost. In return they would get a portion of the profit on sales. The amount will be contingent on how much they invest out of the total development cost.


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