Monday, June 14, 2010

UMA Overview

Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) profession provides admittance to GSM and GPRS ambulatory services over unauthorized spectrum technologies, including Bluetooth and 802.11. By deploying UMA technology, assist providers be able to enable subscribers to roam and handover between cancellated networks and unstoppered and clannish unauthorized wireless networks using dual-mode ambulatory handsets.

With UMA, subscribers obtain a conformable individual undergo for their ambulatory vocalise and accumulation services as they transformation between networks. In visit to encourage the distributed acceptation of UMA technology, a sort of directive companies within the wireless business have together matured a ordered of unstoppered specifications. These specifications are acquirable finished this Web site, and haw be utilised by vendors and carriers of wireless subject systems and applications to amend and deploy interoperable solutions.

In constituent to nonindustrial and maintaining the initial specifications, the involved companies are actively employed with the 3GPP standards methodicalness to ingest the specifications as the foundation for the utilization of a conventional standard.

How UMA Technology Works
Architecture Diagram
  1. A ambulatory client with a UMA-enabled, dual-mode phone moves within arrange of an unauthorized wireless meshwork to which the phone is allowed to connect.
  2. Upon connecting, the phone contacts the UMA Network Controller (UNC) over the band IP admittance meshwork to be genuine and commissioned to admittance GSM vocalise and GPRS accumulation services via the unauthorized wireless network.
  3. If approved, the subscriber’s underway positioning guidance stored in the set meshwork is updated, and from that saucer on every ambulatory vocalise and accumulation reciprocation is routed to the phone via the Unlicensed Mobile Access Network (UMAN) kinda than the cancellated broadcasting admittance meshwork (RAN).
  4. ROAMING: When a UMA-enabled client moves right the arrange of an unauthorized wireless meshwork to which they are connected, the UNC and phone assist roaming backwards to the licensed exterior network. This roaming impact is completely straight to the subscriber.
  5. HANDOVER: If a client is on an astir GSM vocalise call or GPRS accumulation conference when they become within arrange (or discover of range) of an unauthorized wireless network, that vocalise call or accumulation conference be able to automatically handover between admittance networks with no discernable assist interruption. Handovers are completely straight to the subscriber.


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