Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fake Firefox Adobe Flash Player

However, instead of giving you a Flash Player, you earn a piece of malware that spies on your Google searches, sends that information to a remote server and then displays ads into what you are viewing based on the keywords you entered.

According to the doorjamb on Sophos’ website, this malware seems to be spreading via Internet forums. You probably won’t have to annoy about things like this if you download any plugins directly from Mozilla’s website (but you should calmness be leery).

On Sophos’ website, there are some screenshots that illustrate the difficulty you would have trying to determine whether or not you were installing a legit plugin versus one containing some genre of malware.

If you vision to inspection your installed version of Flash, you can visit the inspection
page setup on Adobe’s website and you can download the existing version of Flash from Adobe’s website as well.


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