Thursday, June 24, 2010

Facebook Thinks Email is Probably Going Away

Could Facebook Even Survive Without Email?

Facebook thinks email is dying. Classic. How many times procure
we heard this now? Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave a elocution at the Nielsen Consumer 360 conference recently, essentially claiming as much.

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\"In consumer technology, if you delectation

to notice what relatives like us cede do tomorrow, you look at what teenagers are doing today, and the existing figures say that only 11% of teenagers email daily. So email (I can\'t imagine life without it) is probably going away. So what do teenagers do? They SMS and increasingly they use social networking.\" (beret tip to

First off, Facebook couldn\'t exist without email. You need an email homily to portent up and to notepad-in. Many of us rely on email for notifications from Facebook to notice when someone has sent us a message, commented on our posts, invited us to an happening, tagged us in a photo, etc. In detail , I\'d be curious to see how frequently the average Facebook user would come back to Facebook daily without email notifications.
Facebook Wants Your Email Address Too
Email lubricates social interactions on Facebook, and I\'d be thumping curious to see how successful Facebook would be without any email integration. I vacillate it would die. To be fair. Sandberg was looking to the future, and not the adduce when she made this claim. She even said that she couldn\'t imagine life without email. It\'s interesting, because Facebook is in some ways helping obsess email relevant for the reasons mentioned above (though email fairly doesn\'t need Facebook\'s offices to stay relevant).

Facebook requires you to use email to portent-up and notepad-in, but we are seeing moreover and moreover unfastened protocols being used around the web for ID authentication. There are also not-so-unfastened protocols in use, like Facebook Connect. I can notepad-in to a panoramic variety of sites/apps with my Facebook ID, but I can\'t notepad-in to Facebook with anything other than my email homily. If Facebok thinks email is dying, does that mean it cede adopt some other unfastened authentication protocols? Don\'t these protocols generally come back to having an email homily in the first identify anyway?

We\'ve written about why social media isn\'t killing and cede not kill email several times in the foregone. I don\'t delectation to gloss all of the same points here, so I\'ll smartly quotation a team of these articles:

- 10 Reasons Social Media isn\'t Replacing Email
- Spam Will Not Keep You Away from Email

The popularity of specific social networks comes and goes, but email has been around for a while, and has really shown no notation of going anywhere. Here\'s something to consider - how many years has your inbox been flooded with spam? Has it caused you to use email any less? Granted, Facebook does maintain to old, even in the guise of laborious privacy concerns, but that\'s scant an echoing that it could replace email. Sandberg didn\'t suggest Facebook itself would replace email, but that SMS and social networking in average would. We\'ll see. If Facebook hopes to be a significant quota of that replacement on the social networking latter, they\'re probably going to procure to acting a scant nicer with the unfastened web travel.

I\'ll come back to the conclusion we always compass. There is room for both email and social networks. Just like there is now, there cede be in the future. As far as marketing is concerned, social networks appear to be greatly enhancing email campaigns. A former peruse from Get Response found that campaigns utilizing these networks were able to augment click-through-rates by 30%.


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